About the Artist


I love all animals, and I have two cats.  I’m mostly inspired to paint by the wildlife I see around me.  Lately I’ve been watching a great horned owl battle hawks for territory in my backyard.  I like to walk in the woods and find interesting plants and wildlife.  I collected Shaggy Mane mushrooms last year and ate them on toast, but watching their rapid decomposition is just as interesting.  I like painting small details that you would only see up close, and scenes from places nearby.  I really like to paint outside, and the St. Croix river is one of my favorites.

I swam by a pelican on the river, and they are one of the coolest creatures I’ve encountered.  Seeing a Scarlet Tanager from a few feet away and hiking past a bear are also high on my list.  

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, and started watercolor painting last year.  

My goal is to paint or draw all our local wildlife.  Hope you enjoy the art! 


-Maria Mahnke :)